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Alpine Howto

Alpine is a text-based email client which you can run on Blinkenshell. This howto will explain how to configure Alpine to access your Blinkenshell email account.

Alpine homepage: https://alpineapp.email/

Configuring Alpine

Start up Alpine and go to Settings -> Config by pressing S and then C.

The settings you will need to change here is:

  • User Domain = blinkenshell.org
  • SMTP Server = mail.blinkenshell.org/tls/user=USERNAME
  • Inbox Path = {mail.blinkenshell.org/tls}inbox

Replace USERNAME with your username on Blinkenshell. When you're done, press E to exit the settings dialog and then press I to go to your inbox.

That should be it for the basic functionality, but you can of course change lots and lots of other things to customize the client to your needs. You can also add other email inboxes to your Alpine configuration, see the Alpine homepage for more documentation on this and other things.