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Blinkenshell Email

Blinkenshell provides Email accounts for all registered members. The address format is: username (at) blinkenshell.org and it's enabled by default.

The account share the same 100/1000 MiB quota as your home directory (mail is stored in ~/Maildir). The mail is accessible via Webmail or IMAP (SSL/TLS). (Certificate info: Info/Security)

SMTP access is also available but you have to authenticate in to be able to send mail. It's the same username/password as for logging in via Webmail/IMAP. You have to use a secure connection (TLS) to be able to authenticate.

If you want, you can set a forward address. Just execute the following command on the shell echo "mymail@someotherdomain.com" > ~/.forward or just edit the .forward-file by hand.

You can also use this account to send Email from your web applications. Remember to authenticate with SMTP or it will not work!

Using this service to send spam is strictly forbidden and will get your account suspended!

Server Info

Incoming Server:

  • Server : mail.blinkenshell.org



Outgoing Server:

  • Server: mail.blinkenshell.org



    Require Sign-In:yes


The mailserver adds the header "X-spam-status: Yes/No..." to all email. You can use this header to automatically move spam messages into a Junk folder. To do the filtering server-side, use the example below.

Server-side filtering

You can filter messages server-side as soon as they are received, that way all your mail clients will have the same view of your email. Filtering is done via Seive. Either you can edit the files in your homedir manually (~/sieve/ and ~/.dovecot.sieve) or you can create rules from the webmail client (go to Settings in the top right corner, and then to the tab Filters).

Example filter to move spam messages to the Junk folder: