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Getting vouches

So you just read the entire signup process, you understand the rules and the principle, you now have to get your two vouches.

Several people come every day hunting for vouches - if we are to be responsible vouchers, we can't approve you all at once. If you give us something to remember you by then getting vouches will be easier. This step usually takes at least a day or two, possibly longer depending on how active you are.

What does not work and why

  • Just saying things like "vouch me!" in the main chat channel
    • Why? Give the chat a chance to get to know you, if the only thing you say is "vouch me" people will most probably just get annoyed. It already shows what step in the signup process you are in when you join the channel, so people know if you're on the vouching step. It's ok to remind people you are looking for vouches, but don't spam it.
  • Sending message in private to members
    • Why? They do not know you, if they did know you, they would have already vouched for you.

It's also possible to get a "negative vouch" if you act improperly, then it might get much harder to get a shell account.

What does work

Basically you have to establish trust and show that you can be a valuable member.

  • Telling to others what you are here for.
    • If you have a project in mind, or like to learn something in particular, then tell us about it. Someone probably came for the same reason and can share their experience.
  • Telling to others who you are.
    • We are all a bit curious, we probably come from similar backgrounds (geeks? ;) ) so just share your passions and chances are that others will like it too.

  • Being polite.
    • You do not need a British accent and rhyme but being stupid isn't the best way to get vouched. Being funny and sarcastic is fine but being just annoying and insulting hardly works (except for BDSM members maybe...).
  • Sharing.
    • You just discovered a new link on what other members are interested in? Then post the link and tell us why it's cool. It's always nice to have new things to discover.
  • Helping.
    • Somebody is asking for a tip, being a member or not if you can provide some solutions you are probably very nice to hang around. Members do notice that.

Lastly, don't be discouraged if someone is giving you a hard time. People usually mean well, but sometimes jokes or irony does not come across very well over text chat (especially if it's from someone who you don't know). If someone is disrespectful and continues to be even after you make it clear that you don't appreciate the "jokes" try to get attention from an operator. Don't give up just because one or two people are mean, maybe come back at a later time when someone else is online.

Now go on and join the main chat channel on IRC if you haven't already!