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Work in progress

To use mutt for your email client with the blinkenshell email server here is a minimal ~/.muttrc that will work. Consider this just a starting point,there are many other options you can set (see man mutt and man muttrc).

Note: Your triton ~/.forward must not exist, or not have a forwarding address in it. Otherwise emails sent to you will be forwarded rather than collected on the server.

Note: Mutt can't write files to /tmp on Triton, therefore you have to create your own ~/tmp directory and configure it in .muttrc:

# the tmpdir line probably will not be needed unless you are running mutt on triton
set tmpdir = ~/tmp

# imap: (to read emails)
set spoolfile = 'imap://yourusername:yourpassword@mail.blinkenshell.org:143/INBOX'
set folder = 'imap://mail.blinkenshell.org/INBOX'

#smtp: (to send emails)
set envelope_from_address = 'yourusername@blinkenshell.org'
set use_envelope_from = yes

# use the following line if you are running mutt on triton:
set smtp_url = 'smtp://yourusername:yourpassword@mail.blinkenshell.org'

# use this line if you are using mutt from another computer outside of the blinkenshell network:
#set smtp_url = 'smtp://yourusername:yourpassword@mail.blinkenshell.org:587'