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The Lounge

The Lounge is a web based IRC client for the modern world, see https://thelounge.chat/

If you have a supporter account you can run a self-hosted private instance of The Lounge and connect to any IRC network.


SSH to the buildserver using: ssh buildserver

Install thelounge via npm: (https://thelounge.chat/docs/install-and-upgrade#from-npm-releases) npm install --unsafe-perm thelounge

Hop over to triton and add a user in thelounge: node node_modules/thelounge/index.js add <myusername>

Edit .thelounge/config.js and change the port to your supporter account assigned TCP port.

Start thelounge (in tmux/screen): node node_modules/thelounge/index.js start

Connect via web to http://supporter.blinkenshell.org:<yourport> and log in using the user you created previously


If you have a custom domain name and want to enable HTTPS via TLS certificate maybe it can be done using letsencrypt and DNS-01 challenge? There are options to specify cert files in .thelounge/config.js