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How to vouch for new users

To get past step 4 in the signup process, a person trying to sign up has to get approved/vouched by two existing users. This page is intended for existing users who are about to vouch for a new user. If you're looking in information on how to get vouched, check out this little howto/help: Howto/GetVouched

Before you vouch for someone, there are two things you have to make sure:

  1. Try to figure out if it's someone that's going to stick around for a while, or someone who just wants to get an account and then not come back. Preferably we want people who want to participate in the community :)

  2. Try and make sure they are not a scriptkiddie or someone trying to hurt Blinkenshell. Don't vouch for someone who doesn't seem to be familiar with the rules or brags about his botnet etc.

All registered members will get one additional vouch token every night, up to a maximum of two vouch tokens. It takes one vouch token to vouch for a user. So if you save up two tokens, you can vouch two users at the same time. You can not vouch for the same user twice, two different users have to approve. You can not vouch someone in the first 1 hour after they create their signup account. Your username is logged when you vouch for someone and if it turns out you vouch the wrong people, your own account might be at risk.

So how do you go about actually vouching someone? First you have to log in to the signup program (Info/Login, or signup-start). Then log in with the signup account you used to sign up yourself, and use the option to vouch a new user in the menu. Here you can also give negative vouches which will give -1 vouchpoints for a user if you don't think they deserve an account.

Note: Remember that you have to specify the signup username of a user, not their IRC nickname (they might not always be the same!)

For this thing to go around smoothly, every user has to vouch for at least two new members, probably more. It's not very nice to hunt around for vouches and when you finally get your vouches and your account, you don't help new members to get vouches! Please help us by giving something back to the community.

Thanks for helping Blinkenshell grow!