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SASL is an authentication mechanism that allows you to identify with services (NickServ) during the connection process and eliminating the need to /msg nickserv identify.

BlinkenIRC SASL with irssi

To configure irssi to connect to BlinkenIRC with SASL.

Step 1 (optional). Update irssi server config if you're running on triton:

/server add -network BlinkenIRC -tls -auto irc0.blinkenshell.org 6697
/server remove sao
/server list

Server list should return a line for BlinkenIRC looking something like this:

19:57 irc0.blinkenshell.org 6697  BlinkenIRC autoconnect, tls

Step 2. Modify network to use SASL (you must be registered with NickServ)

/network modify -sasl_username <nickserv_username> -sasl_password <nickserv_password> -sasl_mechanism plain BlinkenIRC

/disconnect BlinkenIRC
/connect BlinkenIRC

When reconnecting to BlinkenIRC you should see a line like this in the output:

19:55 [BlinkenIRC] SASL authentication succeeded