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Support, Help, Questions

If you need help with something regarding Blinkenshell's service, there are several options to get help.

1. Check manuals and FAQs

You should always start by checking the obvious, like manuals and FAQs. Most programs on Blinkenshell have a manual page which you can read by typing man irssi etc. Most programs also have a website with manuals and FAQ, like irssi docs.

You should also check the FAQ and Howtos on this wiki.

Searching the web is always a good option, either Google it or try the searchbar in the menu to the left to search the documentation on this wiki.

2. IRC

You can also use IRC, try the main channel #blinkenshell @ irc.blinkenshell.org (BlinkenIRC). You will probably get help a lot sooner if you just ask in the main channel instead of sending a PM to some op. You might also want to try the IRC channel of whatever program you're having problems with.

3. Email

If you have some kind of proposal or question regarding donations for example, contact JohanMarcusson directly.