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Mosh - Mobile Shell

Mosh is a replacement for SSH that supports roaming from different IPs and high-latency links while always staying connected and keeping responsive.

It can be used if you're on a high-latency mobile communication network, or if you want to keep your SSH session alive while you roam your laptop between different wireless networks or resume the laptop from sleep.

Read more about mosh at http://mosh.mit.edu/

Security concerns

From mosh FAQ:

  • Mosh is actively used and has been read over by security-minded crypto nerds who think its design is reasonable, but any novel datagram protocol is going to have to prove itself, and SSP is no exception. We use the reference implementations of AES-128 and OCB, and we welcome your eyes on the code. We think the radical simplicity of the design is an advantage, but of course others have thought that and have been wrong. We don't doubt it will (properly!) take time for the security community to get comfortable with mosh.

Mosh on Blinkenshell

If you understand the security conserns and still want to try mosh, here's how:

Mosh doesn't need superuser privileges, but it does need an open UDP port. This means that you will have to get a Supporter account to be able to use mosh.

If you have a Supporter account, ask independence to open up a port for you in the firewall, and when you get your assigned port then use this command to connect:

mosh --ssh="ssh -p 2222" -p <assigned-portnumber> <username>@supporter.blinkenshell.org