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Project Template

Title: <title>

Summary: <one line description>

Status: idea - looking for members - active - abandoned

Requests: <server resources>

Project username: <unix username>


  • member1
  • member2

Long description: <add as much text and diffrent heading etc as you like here>


In the status line, hilight the current status of your project by making it bold.

In the requests line you can put what kind of server resources you would like to make the project possible. Like "1 open TCP port, preferred port number 5000, preferred DNS-name gameserver1.blinkenshell.org"

The project username is what the the actual UNIX account will be named on the shell server. This should be a short and concise name, preferrably 3-8 alphanumeric characters. An alias for the webpage will also be setup using this name, but you can request additional (longer) DNS names for your webpage in the requests section above if you want.