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WeeChat is a console IRC client, which is designed to be light and fast. It's extensible through scripts and plugins.


WeeChat on Blinkenshell

WeeChat + Screen howto

WeeChat uses a bit more memory than for example irssi, but this should normally not be a problem. Tips for reducing memory usage:

  • Do not load some plugins if you don’t use them, for example: aspell, fifo, logger, perl, python, ruby, lua, tcl, xfer (used for DCC)
  • Load only scripts that you really need
  • Reduce value of option weechat.history.max_lines (number of lines saved in memory for each buffer)
  • Reduce value of option weechat.history.max_commands (number of user commands saved in memory)

WeeChat relay

WeeChat relay can be used to connect your smartphone for example to your existing weechat session running on Blinkenshell. This way you will have all your history and channels etc when checking IRC on your phone.

This requires a supporter account since you need an open TCP port to connect to.

Generate a TLS certificate on the server to be able to secure your connection (change C=countrycode,CN=commonname):

mkdir ~/.weechat/tls
cd ~/.weechat/tls
openssl req -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout relay.pem -x509 -days 365 -out relay.pem -subj "/C=SE/CN=indy" -addext "subjectAltName = DNS:supporter.blinkenshell.org"

Inside weechat set a password:

/secure set relay mypassword
/set relay.network.password "${sec.data.relay}"

Set connection parameters:

/set relay.network.bind_address
/set relay.network.tls_cert_key "%h/tls/relay.pem"

Add/start the relay with the TCP port number assigned for your supporter account:

/relay add ipv4.tls.weechat <yourportnumber>

Have your relay client connect with TLS to supporter.blinkenshell.org on your supporter port, and provide the password you specified above.

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