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== Ryan King ==
Email: [[MailTo(Xero@Xero-Games.com)]]

Location: West Virginia, USA

About: I'm a guy, I'm interested in computers, (mainly Linux-based computers), Xbox, PSP, and PS2 modding, and any new hardware I can get my hands on. My hobbies are modding consoles, setting up Linux boxes for friends, coding, watching TV, swimming, and sleeping. (had to include that. I do it about 8 hours daily.) I play OpenArena, a small amount of basketball, Portal, Warcraft 3, and any textual games I can find. I have an icecast stream up at http://xero-games.com/stream and I run #game on Blinkenshell's IRC. You should come there and play with me and some of the other shell users. too bad we only have one game, though.

removing own docs

removing own docs