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Android Apps

There are several ways to integrate parts of your Blinkenshell account with your smpartphone, here are some tips on apps to use.


Use your default Email app and add a new IMAP account, receive settings:

  • IMAP, Hostname: mail.blinkenshell.org, Port: 143, Security type: STARTTLS. Username and password is the same as for SSH logins.

Send settings;

  • SMTP, Hostname: mail.blinkenshell.org, Port 587, Security type: STARTTLS. Username and password is required, and is the same as for SSH logins.


Using SSH on a smartphone with on-screen keyboard is a bit cumbersome, but it does have some uses. ConnectBot is free and has good ratings, and there is also a modified version for irssi users Irssi ConnectBot. If you want to use Mosh (which is really nice on laggy mobile connectons) you can try JuiceSSH.

Irssi Notifier

Often you just want to know if someone tried to reach you via IRC, you can use Irssi notifier for that. It's much easier than having to log in with SSH. Irssi notifier uses the Android push mechanism to notify you about hilights when you're marked as away in irssi. Check out the Irssi Notifier webpage.


Weechat has an Android app that acs like a relay client for your Weechat IRC client running on the server. It allows you to connect to your phone to your Weechat client and read/reply to your messages while away from your computer. Weechat Android (Development version)

File Synchronization

You can use an app to sync images or other files on your phone to your shell, look for an app that supports SCP or SFTP. FolderSync full or FolderSync lite for example. You can schedule it to run at certain intervals or use the Tasker plugin to sync on certain events.