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What port does Blinkenshell's IRCd listen on?

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Blinkenbot is the official IRC bot for Blinkenshell. It's powered by supybot (a powerful python based IRC bot), and has a special plugin for Blinkenshell.

Blinkenbot helps with small things around the channel, and also keeps logs to generate statistics (moste active user, most active times and so on).

To use Blinkenbot, you can either pm it, or send messages in the main chat. In main chat, blinkenbot reacts to !<command> or blinkenbot: <command>

To get some help, type !list for available plugins, !list <plugin> for available commands for a specific plugin, and !help command for help about a specific command.

List of commands


!seen <nickname>

Prints info about when nickname was last seen in the channel.

Signup Database Check

!signup [username] [all]

Prints info about username from the signup database (step and last seen) or a link to the signup page if no username is specified.

If the keyword all is specified at the end (like: !signup independence all) you will get information about NickServ username and the time when the signup account was created.

Nickname Lookup

!signupnick [nickname]

Checks the signup database for any account connected with the IRC nickname

Vouch Database Check


Print info about which users are currently awaiting vouches, and a link to the page that describes how to vouch for someone.


!system <uptime,time>

Print info about the system:

  • uptime - Displays output from uptime (uptime, number of users online, load)

  • time - Displays exact server time

Vote kick

!votekick <nickname>

Three votes are required to kick someone. Only Blinkenshell members connecting from triton can vote for kicking someone. When kicking someone a 10 minute ban is also applied for the entire host.

Abusing this command will get you kicked+banned from the channel!


!register <username> <password>

register your username against the bot database

This command (and all other commands that include a password) must be sent to the bot privately, not in a channel.


!identify <username> <password>

identify <username> with bot This command (and all other commands that include a password) must be sent to the bot privately, not in a channel.

Being registered and identified are two necessary steps to use the !quote command