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Blinkenshell - Free Linux Shell Accounts!

Translations: Français - Svenska - Deutsch - Serbian - Suomi - Pусский язык - Nederlands - Español - Italiano

Welcome to Blinkenshell! This is a free UNIX/Linux shell provider. Here you can get your own personal shell account on a Linux server for free that you can connect to via SSH! The only requirements is that you actively participate in our community and follow the rules.

Blinkenshell is a mature shell provider that been online continuously since 2006. We're still accepting new members, if you're interested in signing up for an account take a look at the Signup info.

Blinkenshell is built around an online community with friendly and helpful users. This is a great place to be if you are looking for somewhere to learn more about UNIX/Linux, programming, networking, security or meet other people with similar interests as yours. Many use their shell accounts to run an always-online IRC client (screen/detach irssi) or host a webpage for example. Read about some other common usage scenarios.

Keep in mind that this is not a professionally hosted service and is not intended for any commercial use. It doesn't cost anything to use and does not provide any guaranteed uptime, availability, quality of service or any warranty. This is a hobby project!

Read more about the Blinkenshell project and its history.

If you have any questions or just want to talk to us, come on in and join the chat! Connect to IRC #blinkenshell @ SSL or use the Webchat.

Follow Blinkenshell news: Twitter, Blog, Blog RSS Feed

Account Types




SSH & SFTP Access

Disk Quota

100 MB

1000 MB

Memory limit

128 MB

256 MB

Detach (GNU Screen, tmux)

IPv4 & IPv6 IRC access (irssi, weechat)

Bouncer (BNC, znc)

IRC bots

Listen TCP/UDP port (custom server)

Custom vhost


Static HTTPS Website

Dynamic Website, PHP / CGI


E-Mail Account

Monthly Price


From 3€/mo

Setup Fee


No setup fee

* custom vhost requires a domain name and has an additional fee of 1€/IP


  • Secure remote login and file transfers via SSH and SFTP.

  • 100/1000 MiB Disk quota (shared for home directory, website and mail)
  • Session detach via Screen or tmux, so you can keep your programms running in the background while you're logged off.

  • IRC access via irssi, weechat etc. Access to all major IRC networks (IPv4 and IPv6). Bots and bouncers are only allowed on supporter accounts.

  • IM: bitlbee, centerim (ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber), pidgin/finch (AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo), mcabber (Jabber), bti (twitter)
  • Development environment: compilers (C, C++, GO), interpreters (Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, TCL), editors (Emacs, nano, vim), utilities (git, diff, svn)
  • Info/Webhosting https://<username> (PHP, CGI, custom htaccess)

  • SQL Databases via SQLite or MySQL (only on supporter accounts)

  • E-Mail access via alpine or webmail, get your own email address (or forward) at blinkenshell: username(at) Webmail, SMTP and IMAPs access
  • Games: MUDs and other text-based games

  • Browse the web via text-based browsers such as links2 and elinks. Textbased FTP clients.
  • Network diagnostics: ping, traceroute, dig, nslookup, whois, geoiplookup
  • Integrate with your smartphone (AndroidApps)

Programs/software installed on Blinkenshell. Why would you need all this? Take a look at some common usage scenarios.

Server info

  • CPU: AMD 6-core
  • RAM: 64 GB ECC REG
  • Connection: Static IPs, Reverse DNS, IPv6

  • OS: Ubuntu Linux on the main SSH shell server, Debian, OpenBSD etc for support services.
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Stats



  • Info - Links to pages with more information about Blinkenshell

  • IRC - Chat with us

  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers

  • Links - Some external links

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